Particle Separation

CPS offers various methods of particle separation, including mechanical classification and classifier milling, as well as screening.

Classifier Mill

  • Particles ground by applied mechanical force through a rotating grinding disc and stationary grinding track
  • Particle sizes of 8 to 180 microns
  • Built-in classifier delivers tightly controlled particle sizes
  • Minimizes fines
  • Offers process temperature control

Mechanical Air Classifier

  • High-dispersion, ultra-fine classifier separates particles in the 1-50 micron range
  • Extremely sharp cut points
  • No oversize particles
  • High yields/high efficiency
  • Independent of particle size reduction
separation: classifier mill
Separation: Sweco Screener


  • Single or multiple decks
  • Stand-alone or part of sizing system
  • Often used in conjunction with blending and/or repackaging