Custom Processing Dedicates New Building

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Manufacturing Will Begin In Plant Three Before Year’s End

Article from Reading Eagle

Plant Three Dedication

Plant Three Dedication 11-11-11

For Gregg Shemanski, president of Custom Processing Services Inc., Exeter Township, the occasion is much like Armistice Day, with a truce and suspension of hostile activities. The event even took place at a time similar to the World War I cease fire. On day 11 of month 11 in year ‘11 at the 11th hour and 11th minute, construction stopped and the company had its third plant completed.

Dedication for the new manufacturing facility marked the beginning of food and drug processing capabilities at the Exeter campus on Birchmont Drive.

The unique address of the building, at 0 Birchmont Drive, places it across the street from Custom’s main office and plant two. It is adjacent to plant two and known as plant three.

The project cost $2.7 million, with an additional $1 million in equipment, according to a statement. It will house warehousing and manufacturing services.

The project was funded through the Pennsylvania Industrial Development Authority, Small Business Administration and VIST Financial.

Despite the growth of the custom-processing industry, Shemanski was nervous to get started on such a large project, but help from the organizations changed his mind.

“If it wasn’t for favorable rates, I don’t think we would have built the building,” Shemanski said, discussing the economic concerns of starting the project.

The custom-processing industry is specific to the product, Shemanski said. But he said Custom Processing generally takes a company’s product and makes it the shape, size, color, mixture – whatever the company wants it to be.

“They define, we develop the process, put the processes in,” Shemanski said.

The dedication ceremony isn’t the end of construction, however. The company will need to create clean rooms.

But Shemanski said warehousing will begin in the building before year’s end and processing will start next year.

This growth also creates jobs. Human resource administrator Becky Shemanski said the company is looking to hire six people over the next 12 months. Gregg Shemanski said these positions will range from engineers to technical operators.

Custom Processing was founded in October 1998. It acquired the building at 2 Birchmont Drive, holding the main office and plant two, in 2000. Then in 2004, it purchased plant one, 1 Birchmont Drive.