Compounding, Extruding & Blending

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To learn about Custom Processing Services’ compounding & extruding services , as well as the company’s technical grade and GMP blending capabilities , click to view the CPS Blending, Compounding & Extruding brochure.

Compoundingcompounding & extruding

While blending is a homogenous mix of loose components, compounding mixes and fuses the components together into a solid, consistent profile. Custom Processing Services utilizes a Coperion® twin screw co-rotating compounder extruder. The equipment may be set up in multiple configurations to perform many different types of compounding and extruding. It can handle various viscosities and solids loading, from light viscosity to very heavy viscous materials. The dual feed system enables different ingredients to be added to the mixture at the correct process interval. Additionally, the multi heating and cooling zones allow for up to ten in-process compounding settings.


Material can also be extruded into strands and cut into pellets to meet the client’s specifications.


Blending produces a homogeneous mix of loose components which can be manipulated to precise ingredient ratios. With this wide array of equipment, CPS can perform blending of multiple ingredients, as well as coating and heat treating. Custom Processing Services has a wide range of blending equipment which can be custom tailored to each client’s specifications and needs.

Technical Grade Blending Equipmentcompounding, extruding, BLENDING

• Jacketed 100L SS Blender

• 600L SS Double Ribbon Blender

• 2850L Carbon Steel Blender

• 6500L SS Double Ribbon Blender

• Jacketed 7250L SS Blender

GMP and Food Grade Blending EquipmentGMP Blending: Tumble Blender

• 75L SS Double Ribbon Blender

• 150 L SS Slant Cone Tumble Blender

• 2500L SS Double Ribbon Blender

• 7500L SS Double Ribbon Blender

Technical Expertise

Contact CPS’s technical staff members who can engineer the perfect solution to your compounding, extruding and blending problems. These services can be performed on a stand-alone basis, as a research and development project, or in conjunction with CPS’s particle sizing processes.