Career Testimonials

J, Heiser

“My work life balance was achieved by working with CPS to find a position and schedule that supported my family’s needs. I was really stressed and ready to quit because even thought I loved my job, my family and I were not happy at home. When I talked with management about the situation, they worked with me to get where I’m at now…the happiest I’ve been in a long time. This is just one example of how CPS cares for and helps its employees.”

J. Heiser

“CPS is committed to the development and realization of their employees’ professional career goals as well as personal ambitions. I’m grateful for the opportunities that CPS has afforded me to expand my knowledge as I continue my education. There is an incredible sense of support from management and across every department. Everyone is always willing to take time out of their busy day to lend a hand to contribute to the overall success of CPS. I feel fortunate to work for such a great company and look forward to growing with them.”

Amanda Leisey

Amanda Leisey

“I was presented with an opportunity to work for CPS back in 2004 by an employee that I had previously worked with. CPS was a young company at the time and I wasn’t thinking about a long term career path.

As I learned about CPS, their services, and the systems used in the manufacturing process I focused on learning all that I could and strived to meet all of the expectations now asked of me. It was rewarding to me to see the result of my effort. I could manage the technology in front of me, produce quality products and meet the customer’s expectations.  I also found that my efforts were also beneficial to my coworkers. I was a resource that could guide them to meeting their expectations. As I gained additional experience and consistently met the challenges that were placed before me I was provided with additional opportunities. I helped commission a new piece of equipment, I wrote the operating instructions, and provided training to new personnel. I ultimately accepted responsibility for the daily operations for a small segment of the manufacturing operations at the corporate site.

After a few years in this role and toward the end of 2011 I was provided another opportunity to manage all operations of a sister plant in East Greenville, where I am working today. This is a completely different operation in regards to equipment, environment, and personnel. It was and has been a challenge in many aspects but through dedication, perseverance and self-motivation I have made a positive impact that I can be proud of.”

John Harvey

“I’ve been working in this company for 4 years and this night shift works well with me and my family. I’m home before my wife leaves for a first shift job and I can take my 2 daughters to school and pick them up in the afternoon and I’m always around to take care of my  4 year old son. I am available during weekdays while my wife takes care of my three kids during weekends which is the start of my shift..”

Not Identified but I think it’s Laceda 


“Custom Processing Services provides complete benefits to full-time employees that are designed to help protect and empower you to plan for the future and deal with life’s challenges when they arise.  From 401K’s, to health benefits, to dental plans CPS makes sure that their employees are well covered and feel comfortable in the knowledge that they will be cared for in the face of medical and financial struggle.  I am truly grateful that CPS such a comprehensive benefits plan that I am able to take advantage of.”

Tim Wehr

“In my 10 years of working with CPS, the diversity of customer products and carriers have greatly increased my proficiency in detail orientation and task management. In most companies, these are highly sought after skill sets but most other companies do not have a bar set as high as CPS. My work experience at CPS has allowed me to build this skill set over time as new customers and new challenges present themselves with an employee team mindset to help support you and exchange ideas to reach mutual goals.

With our ever expanding business, the need for knowledgeable, experienced and driven employees becomes must more imperative in our daily operations. I know that I am a valued member of our team and that with each passing month in my position, I have become an increasingly integral part of the company dynamic that is extremely hard to replace.  At CPS, because of the nature of our diverse industry, job security becomes almost an absolute with the passage of time and working training that CPS invests into each employee.”


Eddie Murray

“I started working at CPS 17 years ago as a summer job when I completed high school.  As the company quickly grew, opportunities presented themselves to take that job and make it a career.  I advanced through multiple roles and various departments in the company: Chemical Mill Operator, Lead Chemical Mill Operator, Quality Assurance Technician, Lead Quality Assurance Technician and most recently Product Flow Coordinator.  I gained valuable experience and knowledge at each of those positions which prepared me for the next step in my advancement.  As the company continues to grow, the opportunities for further advancement continue to grow as well.”

Eddie Murray

“Having the health insurance benefits through CPS has proven to be money well spent.  Just as an example, when my son was born, the hospital bill was over $10,000.  I only had to pay my individual deductible and the remainder was covered by our insurance.  That one instance alone more than covered the amount I put into the plan that year.

The insurance plan has also covered eye glasses and exams for my family with minimal out of pocket cost.  It has also covered routine dental work that would be expensive otherwise.  A majority of local doctors and hospitals accept our plans as well, so my family has had our choice of who we want to see.  I’ve spoken to many people who pay more and get less from their company insurance plans than we are provided here.  Overall, the health insurance at CPS is worth having it is a great benefit to working here.”

Eddie Murray

Ed Murray

“CPS has been a challenging yet rewarding experience for me after filling a newly created position in this rapidly growing organization. The nature of contract manufacturing at CPS allows me to engage in many different facets of manufacturing in my field such as customer service, quality, and technical/R&D applications. A fast pace manufacturing environment will ensure any employee has not a dull moment. There has been an abundance of opportunity at CPS to allow me to continually grow and develop both professionally and personally which is supported and cultivated by the leaders of this organization. Overall, my experience at CPS has been filled with limitless growth and has been the most gratifying endeavor of my career.”