Custom Processing Services provides employees a high energy, team based work environment focused on individual accountability and self-sufficiency. CPS’s Core Values serve as decision making measuring sticks to assure we maintain cultural alignment across the entire organization and trust within the team base. The Core Values help to establish what is sacred within the organization.

The Mission Statement of the company further reinforces the importance of the Core Values in that these values are not only necessary, but are the keys to success for CPS and its employees.

The Vision Statement of Custom Processing Services can only be realized through employee belief, engagement, and use of the Core Values. Strategic planning, in which all employees contribute with input and supporting actions, is designed to bring the Vision Statement into clarity on a daily basis.



Be recognized as the foremost global contract manufacturer in all segments of industry by establishing ourselves as the “go to” company for all processing solutions.



We will be the foremost global contract manufacturer by creating sustainable results through creative processing solutions. We will achieve success by providing customer service at the highest level of excellence through personal integrity, operational safety and exceptional quality. We will promote innovative technologies by maintaining an open minded philosophy and by pursuing all opportunities. We will excel through relentless teamwork and accountability to each other and the community.

Success is our mission