Manufacturing Foreman

Full Time // East Greenville, PA


Team Advantages:

  • Merit based – awarding performance
  • Success based – Opportunity continues to be given to those who achieve
  • Team Formation occurs as opportunities are discovered providing rapid personal and professional growth potential
  • Metric Driven – elimination of emotional and political decision making
Careers / Manufacturing Foreman

Job Description

The Foreman will be responsible for specific operational areas and be charged with assuring the safe, efficient operation of all aspects of manufacturing at the East Greenville campus facilities. This would include the specific duties required to directly manage all hourly employees during the assigned shift, assuring compliance to all aspects of: Safety, Environmental, Quality, and Productivity expectations.


  • Enforcement of all CPS policies, work rules, and process instructions.
  • Dust control and assuring a non-hazardous work environment is maintained.
  • Verification of emission controls and assurance of no exterior emission occurrences.
  • Sanitation direction and enforcement
  • Compliance by subordinates to all safety policies and training.
  • Completion of all process documentation in accordance with policies and customer expectations.
  • Accounting of all customer supplied materials and performing end of run yield reporting.
  • Management of air compressor usage
  • First pass quality.
  • Operator training.
  • Provide break and lunch relief to employees working in responsible areas
  • Productivity tracking and intervention as needed to assure throughput expectations are met. This includes constant surveillance of station throughput, rate tracking, and efficient change over completion.
  • Trouble shooting of equipment issues and assisting the operators, as needed, in returning to service.
  • Accident investigation and reporting.
  • Participation in subordinate evaluation and discipline.
  • Assuring compliance to hazardous waste policies, policing of chemical storage shed, and completion of weekly checklist.
  • Back up dock operations in the event of coverage shortages. This includes coordination of trailer swings/movements.
  • Back up quality testing.
  • Assure orderly storage of materials and products in compliance with the facilities’ warehouse map.
  • Perform/observe inspection of the quality of the finished product packaging and movement to the warehouse.
  • Review of job jackets prior to releasing to floor to assure no missing documentation.
  • Review of completed job jackets and final approval prior to submitting to the quality department for certification preparation.
  • Inspection and approval or finished packaging
  • Any other action or activity needed to support the operation and assure customer and organizational expectations are met.
  • Driving continuous improvement in all aspects of the process.
  • Maintaining and promoting sound working relationships with other CPS employees
  • Direct report to Plant Manager(s)


  • Experience in leadership and/or manufacturing, preferably in a work environment similar to CPS.
  • High school diploma or equivalent, college preferred
  • Must be a U.S. citizen or able to work in the U.S. for reasons other than practical training.
  • High level of mechanical aptitude
  • High individual drive to keep pace with high energy work environment
  • Willingness to coach, train, and work with employees to assure development.


  • Reading, Pennsylvania


  • Spend time primarily on production floor with minimal office ‘desk’ time.
  • Twelve (12) hour shifts standard (days or nights)
  • Rotating schedule – four (4) days on, four (4) days off
  • Independent working and self-directed activities


  • OTJ training as opportunities present themselves
  • Formal third-party training to provide skill set enhancement, as identified by CPS management.
  • Formal or informal training to keep current skills at required industry levels.


  • Additional opportunities exist with Custom Processing Services, Inc., different departments, divisions, manufacturing facilities, or subsidiaries. Promotion from within is always a priority at CPS.
  • Position is designed as a training platform for future advancement. Mastery of the position is first requirement for consideration of advancement.


  • Out-of-town travel is not usually required. Infrequent travel to other cities or vendors’ manufacturing facilities may be necessary, as well as travel to other company or client locations as needed.


  • Hourly position, earning overtime after forty (40) hours worked in a week
  • Quarterly bonus structure based on performance (individual and overall operation)

Additional Information

Equal Opportunity Employment:
CPS will not unlawfully discriminate based upon race, color, sex, national origin or ancestry, religion, age disability, citizenship, marital status, military or veteran status, or any prohibited basis.  This commitment applies to all aspects of the employment relationship, including hiring, promotion, compensation, discipline, discharge, and any term or condition of employment.  All employment decisions will be made and all personnel policies construed in compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local anti-discrimination laws.  All unlawful discrimination is prohibited.

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