Certification & Accreditation

Acknowledgement and recognition from outside organizations enables Custom Processing Services to assure current and prospective clients that the company follows accepted protocols and requirements put forth by each group. Click on the images below for more information on the various types of certification and accreditation held by CPS.


FSSC 22000

U.S. Food And Drug Administration


ANAB Accredited


isoISO is responsible for the development and publication of the ISO 9000 series, but verifying conformance with the standards is not part of its work. ISO 9000 assessment and registration is carried out independently by registration bodies under their responsibility. Quality Management Institute – SAI Global has audited and registered Custom Processing Services’ management system to the ISO 9001 standard.

Benefits of ISO Registration *

The widespread adoption of International Standards means that suppliers can base the development of their products and services on specifications that have wide acceptance in their sectors. This, in turn, means that businesses, such as Custom Processing Services, who are using International Standards, are increasingly free to compete on many more markets around the world. Conformity of products and services to International Standards provides assurance to consumers about their quality, safety and reliability.

What makes ISO 9000 so special

The ISO 9000 series is among ISO’s most widely known and successful standards ever. ISO 9000 has become an international reference for quality requirements in business to business dealings. The vast majority of ISO standards are highly specific to a particular product, material, or process. However, the standards that have earned the ISO 9000 series a worldwide reputation are known as “generic management system standards”. “Generic” means that the same standards can be applied to any organization, large or small, whatever its product – including whether its “product” is actually a service – in any sector of activity, and whether it is a business enterprise, a public administration, or a government department. “Management system” refers to what the organization does to manage its processes, or activities. ISO 9000 is concerned with “quality management”. This means what the organization does to enhance customer satisfaction by meeting customer and applicable regulatory requirements and continually to improve its performance in this regard.