• largest raw feed handler: 10” X 24”Pennsylvania Jaw Crusher
  • When material is too large to process through the jaw crusher, a pre-crush is done using a ram hammer
  • reduces raw feed to approximately 8 inches or less
  • reduces raw feed to approximately ¾” X down
  • material can be handled by bucket elevators
  • material can be further reduced by other crushers.
  • two large jaws are rapidly opening and closing to catch material as it passes through the system.

Impact Crushing

  • Pennsylvania Reversible Impactor – a set of three hammers that smash material between the hammers and breaker blocks.
  • “Sledge Hammer” action
  • Size reduction: ¾” X 30 mesh
  • For raw feed below 30 mesh, inline screening is used.Raw material before crushing

Roll Crushing

  • 18” X 30” Roll Crusher
  • The roll crusher will reduce oversize material and then send the material back through the impactor for further crushing.


Material Handling

CPS can load the following:

  • van bodied trucks
  • flat bed trailers
  • bulk trailers
  • pneumatic trailers.

CPS can unload:

  • van bodied trailers
  • flat bed trailers
  • bulk trailers
  • bottom drop rail cars
  • pneumatic rail cars.