Client Testimonial: Mayan Pigments impressed with CPS’s ability

Testimonial: mayan-pigments-calendarMayan Pigments, creator of patented hybrid organic/inorganic pigments inspired by Mayan frescoes, offers a testimonial for CPS. The firm has chosen Custom Processing Services to manufacture its products.

Lori Niewold, Chief Technology Officer of Mayan Pigments, said ”Custom Processing Services is one of the very few companies that we were able to identify who had the type of equipment we needed to manufacture all of our colors.”

Not only does CPS have the right equipment, they know how to use it.

“One of the challenges of the pigment industry is to produce within very high specifications. Not only the size of the pigment but most importantly, the color. The thing that impressed us with CPS was their ability to reproducibly make these materials, “according to Gary Williams, Senior Vice President of Mayan Pigments.