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Powder Processing for
EV Batteries

Plugging into auto industry electrification

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The spike in demand for electric vehicles naturally correlates to higher demand for batteries and the critical minerals that power them — lithium, nickel, cobalt, manganese, graphite, and copper. 

This suggests the potential for increasing scarcity and expense of these raw materials, which concerns EV battery suppliers and could put automotive OEMS at a competitive disadvantage.

The need to work with an experienced toll processing partner to process high-value minerals into energy-dense EV battery powder isn't only strategic, it’s necessary.

Powder Processing for EV Batteries is your easy-reference guide to the complex and evolving world of EV power supplies. You’ll find insightful commentary about:

  • The composition and components of an EV battery
  • Navigating supply chain and legislative challenges
  • Recycling EV batteries and recovering transition minerals
  • Leveraging your toll processing partnership to manage mineral yield, availability, and costs
  • And more!
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