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Custom Processing Services — experienced, superior particle separation.

Let’s work together to process your materials quickly, easily, and efficiently. From a single step to many, our processing technology team provides:


Milling Services

From minerals and waxes to food-grade and pharmaceutical excipients, our fluidized bed jet mills deliver tightly controlled particle size distributions from ultra-fine to sub-micron. We also process materials as large as 24” down to 325 mesh particle sizes using impact crushing, dry grinding, and pulverizing.

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Rotary dryer

Contract Drying Services

Flash drying has a hot gas stream creating nearly instantaneous removal of moisture within our 14-inch, large-volume Jet-O flash dryer. Our new inline rotary/horizontal dryer is ideal for chemicals and minerals.

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Blending Services

Particulate ingredients are blended to create a homogeneous product that can be enhanced using a temperature-controlled process. In addition to a full line of industrial and sanitary blenders, we offer various coating methods and batching services.

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Extraction Services

Advanced technologies maximize the processing of herbal extracts and other food industry products. We optimize every stage of the process to obtain the highest possible yields and meet the world’s highest standards.

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Extrusion Services

Extrusion and compounding services for plastics, chemicals, and the food industry are customized to your needs and performed by a twin-screw, co-rotating extruding compounder.

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Specialty Services

Our particle separation methods — mechanical air classification, air classifier milling, screening — and equipment match your unique particle separation needs. Plus, our packaging and repackaging services allow for personalization of finished packages and direct shipment from our factory.

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New Product Development — our stand-out strength

From concept to commercialization, Custom Processing Services has the experience and on-staff know-how to guide you during product development. Our proprietary 3-phase process is based on excellent communication and clear expectations and provides you with regular updates, all necessary documentation … every step needed to take your idea to successful commercialization.



Our customers trust us to process and manufacture products that meet their own standards for quality. Integrity in our processes is the basis for that trust. Our quality and process management certifications prove our commitment to quality and ensure every product we touch meets rigorous safety standards. We hold certifications in ISO 9001, FSSC 22000, GMP, Hemp GMP, and PCO Organic. We are also an approved contract manufacturer for Kosher processing via the Orthodox Union.

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