For the production of essential oils, herbal extracts, and other food industry products.


Custom Processing Services — our advanced technologies maximize the botanical and whole plant extraction process, specializing in industrial hemp.

Many health and herbal products contain stems, leaves, and roots. Our capabilities and industry knowledge provide high-quality extracts. We optimize every stage of the process to obtain the highest possible yields and meet the world’s highest standards.

In addition, we have distillation, decarboxylation, and molecule isolation capabilities. Let’s talk about the right solution for your botanical application.

CO2 technology enables CPS to create exact extraction conditions, further allowing us to finely tune target compound ratios. This technology utilizes low pressures and high liquid CO2 flowrates, resulting in faster extraction rates and batch times. Liquid CO2 will only target essential compounds, leaving behind contaminants that can degrade the product and require further downstream post-processing.