From measuring lab samples to measuring production runs.


Custom Processing Services — contract toll blending and powder mixing experience with many materials across a variety of industries.

We blend particulate ingredients to create your perfectly homogenized product. The right industrial blending equipment is key to precisely combining your ingredients to achieve the exact mixture you need.


Dry Blending

A well-mixed product isn’t enough. We focus on combining dry ingredients to a precise and consistent ratio, so consistency is assured. Multiple carbon and stainless steel double ribbon blenders with working capacities from 100 to 7,250 liters, some temperature-controlled, allows us to handle the most complex blending projects, including PLC-driven thermal heat transfer systems to drive off moisture.

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Liquid Blending

Bring us your food-grade and industrial liquid blending challenges. Within our tanks, we incorporate liquid or dry materials into a liquid slurry until the once separated materials are consistently blended into a homogeneous solution. Our systems include programmable logic controls, offering the mixing process to be controlled and monitored using data collected from critical control points.


Liquid Dispersion

We’ve created homogeneous distributions of materials in a liquid phase for many industries. Why liquid dispersion? When done properly, dispersions resist sedimentation, exhibit high stability, and have a long shelf-life. Our experts determine the right equipment and process for you and help optimize your liquid dispersion formula.