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Toll Processing

Also known as contract manufacturing, toll manufacturing, and contract processing, toll processing, or tolling, can be defined as performing a service on a customer’s product for a fee.
The advantages of using a toll processor such as Custom Processing Services are:

  • No capital investment required
  • The power to tap into the expertise of seasoned processing professionals
  • The variety of equipment that is available
  • The ability to change production quantities to meet market requirementsCustom Processing Services Toll Processing
  • Right-sizing minerals to meet client formula specifications
  • Re-working previously ground materials to achieve desired particle size
  • An excellent opportunity for one-time events or special projects
  • Supplemental manufacturing capacity
  • Secondary source of materials and/or processing
  • Application of surface treatments of various types of fillers
  • Product development assistance
    • Serve as an extension of client R&D facilities
    • Provide opportunities for test grinding
    • Handling lab scale to full production quantities
    • Experimenting on novel surface treatments and mineral or additive combinations
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