Sanitary Mills

GMP Processing: qmill


CPS has a variety of sanitary spiral jet mills available. The Q-mill is ideally suited for qualifying materials for future production on the 2”, 4”, and 8” mills available for production.

The sanitary universal mill with a 150 mm. grinding chamber handles a wide range of product sizes and throughput rates.

The NETZSCH Mini-Cer media mill produces nanoparticles in a GMP environment.

Fitz Mill

GMP Processing: Fitzmill


A GMP Fitzmill is available for producing precisely-sized particles, without the use of liquids or binders. This ensures the purity of the ground materials.

This comminution mill is also able to be outfitted for cryogenic grinding.

Slant Cone Blender

GMP Processing: slant cone blender


CPS’s 5 cubic foot slant cone blender, with integrated agitator and spray assemblies, gently tumbles and blends particles. It can be used to apply a coating or surface treatment to particles, either stand-alone or following sizing.

The slant cone blender can also be equipped for cryogenic grinding.

GMP: LMZ millGMP Media Milling

GMP media milling is also available. An all stainless contact LMZ mill is ideally suited for production of sub-micron particles (nanoparticles).

GMP blender


GMP Blending

GMP blending services are also provided by CPS. From bench scale to large production campaigns, the three scalable stainless steel double ribbon blenders can combine two ingredients or several.