Micronizing Mill Applications

For micronizing and nano-sizing, the particle size reduction services experts at Custom Processing Services use spiral jet mills, fluid bed jet mills, and steam fluidized bed jet mills for dry products. High flow bead mills and wet autogenous mills are used for wet processing.

Micron and Nano-Sizing
A number of materials need to be reduced to sizes smaller than 95% minus 325 mesh (45 microns). Typically, top sizes of 44 microns to 10 or 15 microns with average particle sizes in the 3 micron to 30 micron range for abrasive materials can be processed using a jet mill. CPS provides particle size reduction services using several different types of jet mills for grinding abrasive products to the particle sizes listed above.

Spiral Jet Mills
Spiral jet mills use compressed gas to form a spiral air stream in the mill.  The material to be ground is injected into this air stream to where the particles collide with each other as well as the sidewalls to reduce the particles. An internal cyclonic effect classifies the materials and they exit through the central portion of the spiral. Using a spiral mill for grinding abrasive materials is beneficial when very small quantities are to be processed.

Fluidized Bed Jet Mills

These mills are used for micronizing mill services by Custom Processing Services. They can also be equipped to operate under hot gasses or steam to achieve particle sizes in the nano range.

These are just a few of the micronizing mill services provided by CPS. Please contact the technical staff to learn more.

Micronizing Mill Services

  • Grinding to 2µ top size
  • Economical high capacity fluidized bed jet mills from NETZSCH, Inc., a global leader in powder processing machinery design and manufacturing
  • Abrasion resistant mills
  • All stainless contact mills
  • FDA Registered Food Grade 21 CFR 100 processing
  • Bench scale fluidized bed jet test mill
  • GMP Pharmaceutical Excipients processing
  • Air Classifier Mills
  • Hammer mill – pilot scale
  • Counter-rotating pin and disc mills
  • Universal mill
  • Nitrogen Blanketed processing
  • Hot Air Fluid Bed jet milling
  • GMP Qualification mill
  • GMP Fitz mill
  • GMP Spiral Jet Mill
  • GMP Fluidized Bed Jet Mills
  • s-Jet processing

Micronized Materials

  • chemical powders
  • waxes
  • polymers
  • resins
  • flame retardants
  • minerals
  • metals
  • fillers
  • pigments
  • abrasive materials
  • food-grade materials
  • pharmaceutical excipients
  • various other products

micronizing mill Internal view micronizing mill Micronizing mill at Custom Processing Services