Particle Separation Methods Offered

CPS offers various particle separation methods,including mechanical classification and classifier milling, as well as screening. Custom processing Services’ experienced technical staff will help you select the best equipment match for your unique particle separation needs.

Classifier Mill

  • Particles ground by applied mechanical force through a rotating grinding disc and stationary grinding track
  • Particle sizes of 8 to 180 microns
  • Built-in classifier delivers tightly controlled particle sizes
  • Minimizes fines
  • Offers process temperature control

Mechanical Air Classifier

  • High-dispersion, ultra-fine classifier separates particles in the 1-50 micron range
  • Extremely sharp cut points
  • No oversize particles
  • High yields/high efficiency
  • Independent of particle size reduction
particle separation methods: classifier mill
Particle Separation Methods: Sweco Screener


  • Single or multiple decks
  • Stand-alone or part of sizing system
  • Often used in conjunction with blending and/or repackaging

Particle Classification

Another CPS capability is classifying fine powders. It is accomplished through the use of two different types of equipment.

  • Classifier Mill (CSM 165) separates particles from 8-180 microns
  • Mechanical Air Classifier (CFS HD-S 30) is used for particles from 1-50 microns

Both can be used as part of a particle size reduction process or on a stand-alone basis.

Material Screening

Sweco Screening

  • Sweco screens: for stand alone material screening
  • excellent for short to medium sized campaigns

Rotex Material Screening

  • 4’ × 8’ screener deck that disqualifies oversized material and sends that material back through the system.
  • Material that passes the screen qualifies for the size reduction.
  • largest top screen is ¾”
  • smallest bottom screen is 100 mesh
  • a large number of specific size ranges can be used.


  • often part of a material screening or blending requirement
  • customer-supplied or CPS-provided packaging
  • bulk sacks
  • paper bags
  • pails
  • drums