Industrial Drying

Drying Options

Rotary Drying


  • New in-line rotary or horizontal dryer
  • Ideal for chemicals & minerals
  • Specifications from over 50% to < .5%
  • custom made 42” X 38’ Rotary Dryer
  • fueled by natural gas
  • achieves temperatures of up to 350 degrees F
  • uses direct heat
  • in-line between a jaw crusher and impactor
  • may be used to heat material to condition it for more effective impact crushing.

Flash Drying


  • Two Jet-O-Flash dryers
  • 6-inch dryer – for small 3 to 4 truckload quantities
  • 14-inch dryer – for larger campaigns
  • Hot gas jet stream drives off moisture


Contract Drying Needs Served

Contract manufacturing for flash and horizontal drying services are available at Custom Processing Services.  Professional outsourcing of your sporadic drying requirements just may make more sense that you might think.

Precision drying of organic and inorganic materials, minerals, and chemicals on flash dryers provides moisture reduction to specification, including temperature ranges. Volume and coarse materials are addressed by an in-line 42” x 38’ horizontal dryer integrated with sizing and screening capabilities.

Custom Processing Services is located in Southeastern Pennsylvania with convenient rail siding and various transportation services. Its facilities can handle both small projects and large production volume quantities.

When drying requirements surface and your company needs a professional partner, you can rely on Custom Processing Services. Contact CPS today for an evaluation of your unique situation and receive a well-considered toll drying proposal.