Careers at Custom Processing Services

Ready to join the team? Ready to achieve your personal goals and dreams?

At Custom Processing Services, growth and success of the business happens only through our priority focus of building our employees. Through interactive team designs, employees participate in cross-functional settings in concert with job fulfillment that are designed to educate, teach, and broaden team members’ understandings of both new and different approaches in our business.

CPS works to align personal goals and dreams of employees to business opportunities, thereby creating an environment of not just “having a job”, but an environment that recognizes opportunities and permits employees to realize those opportunities jointly with the company.

Just as the customer base we service is diverse with varied requirements, employees at CPS have opportunities to select varied career paths and diversify their job responsibilities to the achievement of both their career and personal goals.

Top performers want to work with top performers. CPS is in the business of helping employees achieve their full potential and become top performers. Read our employee testimonials to understand more of how this progressive approach is transforming our employees, one person at a time.