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What's It Like to Work as a Technical Sales Engineer at CPS?

KT Brickman, Sep 2, 2021 9:32:18 AM


Talk to any CPS technical sales engineer (TSE) and they’ll tell you: a toll processing career with CPS offers professional growth and lifelong learning on the job.

But what is a CPS technical engineering job like on a daily basis?

Our TSEs have a solid foundation in science, and they build on that learning every day with hands-on experience. 

TSEs at CPS are seasoned experts in material and chemical engineering. They become adept at working with a range of particle size reduction equipment, analytical and other laboratory instruments, and data processing applications.

They’re passionate scientists, strong communicators, and expert problem solvers. Above all, our TSEs are team players with a focus on quality.

Read on to learn more about the role of a technical sales engineer at CPS, and explore these and other CPS career opportunities here.

Technical Engineers: Integral to Every CPS Team, Project, & Solution

Technical sales engineers (TSEs) are essential to our success at CPS. They collaborate with customers and team members to document, communicate, oversee, and troubleshoot processes in every project, including:

  • Establishing process conditions in pilot-scale trials
  • Using data from trials to scale up for production 
  • Working with equipment operators to ensure production follows process
  • Troubleshooting and process refinement to optimize for efficiency
  • Coordinating, collaborating, and communicating with contacts in business development, administration, safety, scheduling, production, logistics, and more

TSEs balance their time between the analytical lab, production floor, data analysis, and communication and reporting (from their desk) throughout the workday.

The wide variety of work we do in particle size reduction, formulation and blending, extrusion, extraction, and much more, means no two days are the same. Each project has its own target specifications, variables, and potential challenges. Our TSEs use their strengths to find the best solution every time.

TSEs hold four-year degrees in material science and engineering or chemical engineering. They have a strong understanding of polymers, ceramics, metals, and other materials — and how those materials behave down to the smallest particle.

Continuous Improvement & Scientific Expertise

Technical engineers build on their education as a foundation all throughout their careers, using a wide range of instrumentation, equipment, and scientific techniques in particle size reduction, particle treatments, blending, testing and analysis, and more.

Instruments include analytical equipment including Microtrac, Malvern, and Horiba laser diffraction devices, as well air jet sieves, wet sieves and other classification tools — just to name a few. Other important measurements can include pH, viscosity, color, brightness, moisture, and much more.

TSEs are integral to every CPS project. They work closely with team members to ensure smooth process execution, the achievement of target specifications, and complete customer satisfaction. While a TSE typically oversees a few primary projects at a time, they can have an impact on upward of 20 projects each week, touching on a variety of project details, including:

  • Safety reviews
  • Feasibility trials
  • Process documentation
  • Quality assurance
  • Technical advice and troubleshooting
  • Process optimization
  • Customer consultations

Changing Technologies Create Constant Growth Opportunities

As “Architects of What’s Possible,” CPS doesn’t shy away from a challenge. Our TSEs embody that attitude. 

Our customers rely on us to stay up-to-the-minute with scientific and process knowledge. That can mean anything from pushing the capabilities of our current equipment to researching and recommending new equipment and processes.

From micronizing on jet mills to techniques in wet media milling for nano-scale particle reduction, technical engineers at CPS play an essential role in upholding innovation and continuous improvement. Customers range from small, innovative startups to established global brands.

Technical and optimization engineers at CPS are on the job in Reading, PA, and East Greenville, PA. You can explore these opportunities and many more on our Careers page. Ready for your next great opportunity? Apply today!


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