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CPS Employee Spotlight: Durango Petit

Justin Klinger, Oct 8, 2020 7:15:00 AM

CPS employee spotlight

As “Architects of What’s Possible,” we take pride in our team of problem solvers and their commitment to serving customers from concept to commercialization.

Welcome to the first in our series of Custom Processing Services team member profiles.

Durango Petit, Business Development Manager

Durango’s been serving CPS customers since 2017 and since his arrival, he has worked closely with technical experts and operators on the production floor. “Internally, I helped ensure that teams remain tightly focused on meeting customer demands, including everything from lead time to quality, milling or blending specifications to delivery … that’s the background I bring to business development, where I am now,” Durango said.

His daily work ensures that clients’ needs, timelines, and business goals remain top-of-mind and are consistently met throughout every step in our toll processing services. He serves as a primary point of contact for customer onboarding, and works closely with customer contacts to develop and articulate specifications and documentation.

Transparency and Customer Focus

The relationship focus behind the work and our commitment to clear and transparent communication are particular points of pride — along with our technical experts’ and operators’ abilities to achieve particle sizes and throughput rates that other processors are often unable to pull off. “The experience and technical mastery of our scientists and engineers really do make things possible in ways that surprise our customers,” Durango said.

“The technical aspects of the work we do present a uniquely challenging career opportunity for me,” he added. “Every job is different, and the opportunity to help solve problems and alleviate customers’ stress in our day-to-day work is truly satisfying.”

Projects That Make a Real-Life Difference

Knowing that CPS helps customers manufacture products that make people’s lives easier, healthier, and safer makes the work meaningful, too. “That’s one of the most interesting parts of the job, if not the most interesting,” he added. “And it’s been exhilarating to grow professionally along with a growing company.”

Before joining the team, Durango earned a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice — honing skills in active listening, investigation, and problem-solving. He enjoys working out and weightlifting, watching football, and motorcycle riding, most often with his brother. Family, he said, is a core focus in his personal life. He hails from North Jersey and looks forward to putting down roots in Pennsylvania.

Durango’s care and commitment to customer service means close attention to details that influence timelines, costs, and project scope. You can learn more about our thorough, systematic approach when you download our Grinding Project Application Checklist. Just click the button below. And if you have any questions after taking some time to review, don’t hesitate to contact us.Particle Size Reduction Checklist CTA

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