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Top 5 Reasons Custom Toll Processing Is A Great Choice

Justin Klinger, Dec 19, 2019 11:16:39 AM

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You may know the basics of toll processing, but do you know why and when custom toll processing can be the right decision? This article is an exploration into the different circumstances and some reasons this may be the best path, and then you can evaluate your own situation and decide next steps.

What you’re really looking for is an outsourcing partner that you trust, has the right resources in place and shares their processing experience during collaboration. That’s the kind of value you want from a partnership.

5 reasons why custom toll processing may be your best option

1. Quality Control

With custom toll manufacturing, you’re able to control the quality and cost of the raw materials you provide for your product. Sure, you have to pay for shipping materials to the processor, but you know exactly what’s going into your end product, and all costs are transparent.

2. Complete Packaging

When a product is outsourced, it can arrive fully complete, including packaging and labelling. It’s ready to sell as soon as it returns. That’s not only comforting, it also allows for accurate and timely delivery.

3. Personal Service

The key to a long-term, mutually beneficial partnership is knowing each other. When your toll processor can tell you what you need before you even realize it, you’re in an outsourcing relationship that will work to maximize cost efficiency and overall quality.

4. In-House Capabilities

Toll processors are tooled to handle the exact type of production you need (that’s why you selected them!) So, you’re sure that they can handle high volumes and strict deadlines, and your capital investment is a nice $0.

5. Expert Opinions

You don’t know everything. So, rely on the added benefit of the processor’s experience and expertise. Not only is it unnecessary to hire extra employees to get your product ready, you’re getting process-specific advice you haven’t even imagined.

Additional considerations

Those five reasons are the main advantages of custom toll processing, but they’re not the only things you should think about when evaluating a potential outsourcing relationship:

  • Can the processor handle both large and small production runs?
  • Can the processor schedule the production flow to meet your needs?
  • What lead times are required?
  • Does the processor welcome challenges that discourage other toll manufacturers?
  • Is the processor ISO certified?
  • What’s their history of safety and quality?

Efficiency. Quality. Partnership. A custom toll processor can bring a lot to the table. If your product is not being made because of costs or lack of expertise, capabilities, or space, this option could be your best move. You can then focus on your strengths, the processor does what they do best, and customers receive the best value.

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