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5 Ceramics Expo Presentations You Need to Attend

Jen Lepore, Apr 17, 2024 12:12:20 PM

Presenter giving a keynote address at a business expo.

The Ceramics Expo is only a week away, and it promises to be two days of thought-provoking insights from industry experts and technical ceramics solutions from 250+ exhibitors.

The event kicks off on April 29, 2024, with an exhibitor and VIP networking reception at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, Michigan. The venue then opens to exhibitors and conference educational sessions April 30-May 1.

When you register for Ceramics Expo, you gain access to unprecedented learning and networking experiences tailored to professionals in high-tech manufacturing industries. 

What does North America’s leading technical ceramics exhibition and conference hold for you?

Actionable Insights: 5 Educational Sessions to Attend

Educational and industry thought leaders will present timely topics on how advanced ceramics and thermal management are fueling growth and innovation across industries — regardless of where you sit on the supply chain.

We encourage you to dig into the breadth of topics offered over the two-day conference, and mark you calendars for these suggested sessions:

  1. De-risking the Technical Ceramics Supply Chain — From Reshoring to Sustainability takes a strategic look at supply chains, focusing on current and coming global supply chain bottlenecks, balancing sustainability and global competition, and ways to achieve supply chain resilience.
  2. Unlocking the Promise of Solid-State Batteries With Ceramics answers key questions about the benefits and challenges of solid ceramic and hybrid ceramic-polymer separators in solid-state electric vehicle (EV) batteries — including how US EV battery suppliers may be ignoring sodium-ion and lithium-ion alternatives.
  3. Pushing the Limits of Manufacturing with Refractories and Advanced Ceramics explores how product demands in strategic industries such as aerospace and defense are pushing requirements and limitations for high-temperature manufacturing, the need for automated inspection and process controls, and an emerging role of heat-resistant ceramics.
  4. Innovating with Lead-Free and Textured Piezoceramics outlines the trend from bulk to thin film in piezoelectric applications, the current state and limitations of Barium Titanate (BTO) as an alternative to lead piezoelectric ceramic zirconate titanate (PTO), and other lead-free PZT alternatives on the horizon.
  5. Maturing Additive Manufacturing Processes for Complex Ceramic Parts debates the merits and readiness of technologies for 3D printing with ceramics, the applications end users are looking to produce, and how additive manufacturing of ceramics parts can be done at scale.

Visit Custom Processing Solutions at Ceramics Expo Booth 1303

Ceramics and thermal management are redefining the expectations and needs of applications in a range of industries. As complexities advance, manufacturers are turning to trusted toll manufacturing partnerships to address materials and process needs, develop timely solutions, and streamline supply chain management.

Not every toll processor can deliver — but Custom Processing Services can! Visit the CPS team at Ceramics Expo Booth 1303 to discuss:

  • The full suite of CPS toll processing services and how they can benefit your projects
  • Considerations and potential solutions to your toughest challenges and best opportunities
  • How a collaborative CPS partnership can support your overall business strategies

The Ceramics Expo promises to be a valuable experience for industry professionals seeking knowledge, networking, and cross-sector solutions involving technical ceramics. We’re looking forward to being part of it and seeing you at Booth 1303!

In the meantime, feel free to reach out to the CPS team with any questions or feedback. We’re always willing to listen and help.


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