Wet Processing Services

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Custom Processing Services is a leading contract manufacturer offering a variety of services in the field of wet processing: milling and dispersions. Consistent production of materials with a submicron particle size distribution is an area of expertise. Media milling, from R&D quantities to truckload campaigns, is provided, along with many allied services. The process equipment being utilized is capable of reliably producing nanoparticles. These “designer particles” have a number of applications from paints and pigments to nutraceuticals and including the ceramics and electronics industries. CPS’s team of “Processing Pros” is ready to assist with product development to commercialization of processes, in a dedicated technical grade facility. Custom Processing Services’ strong management system, which is certified to the ISO 9001 standard by SAI Global, facilitates the smooth flow of raw materials and finished goods for clients.

Click on the link to learn more about Custom Processing Services’ media milling services and nano-dispersion production, which are a part of the CPS Wet Processing services that are available on a contract manufacturing basis.Wet Processing: Media MillWet Processing 2

Wet Processing