CPS installs energy saving equipment

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energy saving compressor & Eric Heinbaugh

CPS installs energy saving equipment

Custom Processing Services’ jet milling operations will realize energy savings, increased capacity and speedier production with the addition of a more powerful air compressor.

The company’s 12 jet mills use compressed air to micronize materials for its customers. With the older 900 HP compressor, only eight or nine mills could operate at the same time. Project engineer Eric Heinbaugh said the three 1,250 HP compressors now provide sufficient compressed air to power all 12 mills at once, increasing capacity and offering quicker turnaround.

The new 1,250 HP compressor, manufactured by FS-Elliott Co., is more efficient than the smaller compressor it replaced, according to Heinbaugh.  Custom Processing Services chose the FS-Elliott Co. compressor because of its energy efficiency. “We’re using 19 percent less energy to run more mills,” he said.

The three air compressors are connected via software which detects air pressure system-wide, and adjusts air intake to maintain the system pressure as the jet mills are turned on and off. Based on system demand, automatic sensors will adjust the speed of the compressors. Eliminating the need to manually adjust the compressors translates into more reliable processing and into energy savings, Heinbaugh said. A 15,000 gallon receiver works to maintain system pressure.

The system software also allows technicians to enter detailed information about each job into the computer, providing the ability to diagnose and correct immediately any problems that may arise during processing, saving resources, energy and time.

Also included in the project was the upgrade of all air intake filtration to HEPA filters, which are 99.97 percent efficient and reduce risk of contamination, according to Heinbaugh.

“You can’t get much cleaner air than what’s going into our compressors now,” he said.

Custom Processing Services is a contract manufacturer located with headquarters and a manufacturing campus in Reading, PA and an additional manufacturing facility in East Greenville, PA.