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Improving Speed to Market with Full Service Contract Liquid Bottling

Justin Klinger, Oct 13, 2022 10:57:00 AM


Liquid bottling can be challenging, especially when you’re dealing with 5,000 units or more. For many industries contract liquid bottle filling services are the go-to solutions for high-volume projects, but not all providers can maximize efficiencies to get your products to market quickly.

Working with a full service contract liquid bottler gives you the best of both worlds: liquid bottling capabilities to support product commercialization and meet capacity demands, and post-bottling services that take “next steps” like labeling and shipping off of your to-do list.

To better understand how using one vendor for end-to-end product handling benefits you, let’s look at how CPS integrates liquid bottling capabilities and value-added processes to deliver a streamlined full service experience.

Safe, Efficient Contract Liquid Bottling

The pharmaceutical, food and beverage, nutraceutical, personal care, home care, industrial chemical, and cosmetics industries depend on CPS for liquid bottling — and with good reason.

Our FDA certified GMP process ensures product integrity and safety, whether liquid formulations are being taken from bulk format to shelf-ready or custom bottle filling services are added after material processing.

The versatility of our automated liquid bottling filling line is a major driver of speed to market. With it, CPS can:

  • Process liquids and liquid suspensions, lotions, creams, emulsions, salves, balms, and waxes
  • Fill bottles, jars, tubs, and tubes of varying formats and materials
  • Cap and seal in-line
  • Mitigate cross-contamination risk without slowing production through cGMP validated Clean In Place (CIP) changeover protocols

Knowing your liquid bottling projects are managed with the utmost attention to quality and safety underscores how using full service contract bottlers adds value and reduces supply chain risk. What really boosts speed to market, though, is what CPS offers after bottling is completed.

Manage Project “Next Steps” and Timelines

At CPS, we think beyond immediate project needs to what happens next. How can we help you be as efficient as possible?

Our liquid bottling services are truly full service. They include:

  • Automated labeling on cylindrical bottles
  • In-line on-bottle printing
  • Post-bottle packaging services, e.g., safety seals/sleeves
  • Complete logistics and shipping

How fast commercialized products and formulations get to market can be the deciding factor in how those products are perceived and received by consumers — and how much market share you garner as a result.

Your contract liquid bottling partner plays a pivotal role in your success, especially proven full service providers like CPS. Learn more about CPS liquid bottle filling services using our quick-reference Visual Guide to Fully Automated Liquid Bottle Filling. Click the button below to download your copy of this valuable infographic now.

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